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Road Test

Avon Anew Power Serum Final Day

Avon Anew Power SerumWell, we’re home now and this is the final entry into the Avon Anew Power Serum Road Test.  We calculated that we put over 1100 miles on the trike this trip. Our return trip started out chilly and misty and ended hot and muggy some 8 hours later. We’re tired, dusty and sore from hitting all the potholes… (some of the roads were terrible this trip!) I remembered sunblock and didn’t get any more sunburn thankfully.

But my face…..It was hot and tired like the rest of me, but it was soft! I am very VERY pleased with how it feels, and I know its due to the Power Serum!

What I’m most impressed with are the creases between my eyes – my frown lines. Because of my chronic pain, I tend to grimice quite a bit, scrunching up my face has brought on deep frown lines between my eyes / eyebrows. I’m so excited to see that these lines, while not gone, are so much less than they were before Power Serum. I’m so critical, probably because I put my makeup on 2 inches from the mirror – can barely see past my nose without my glasses, so being that close, I see everything. I’ve definately noticed the improvements!

I’ve had dry problem skin on my face for most of my adult life. Always flaky and tender from the dryness. Not anymore.  Thank you AVON! The Avon Anew Power Serum really helped put the icing on my trip.

Not only will I sell it, I’m also a user for life!

Get yours today while its still at introductory pricing! 

Michael & Kathy McCabe

Michael & Kathy McCabe


Avon Anew Power Serum Road Test – Day Four

Today was the final day of the rally, sadly, we drive home tomorrow – although I will be happy to be in my own bed, and my great pillows!

Avon Anew Power Serum Road Test started as normal, 5AM, shower, clean face, apply Power Serum, then follow with moisturizer.  One added step, about 30 minutes before heading out for the day I applied sunblock 100 SPF to my face, arms, and neck (and reapplied throughout the day!)  My face was still a bit sensative from the sunburn yesterday but much softer than it would have been without Power Serum, I’m positive.

Today was the Covered Bridge Ride, over one hundred fourty miles of beautiful back country and wonderful covered bridges. We had a great (and very fast!) tour guide who was extrememly knowledgeable on the area. I took many pictures from the cameras and will post some as soon as I’ve had time to download/edit them.

Although my face is still somewhat tender from the sunburn, I’d say I’m overall very pleased with Avon Power Serum’s performance.  The light formula is amazingly effective and I will continue to use it daily.

Tomorrow will be the final Road Test day as we travel from Erie, PA to just south of Gettysburg. A rough drive that will take all day and is supposed to take us through windy and dry conditions – to hot and humid conditions. Should be a great road test.

Tired, but truly loved being here at the Rally.

Backroad Bridge

Backroad Bridge


Avon Anew Power Serum: Road Test Day Three

Today was a day to remember and to reflect upon.  Whew what a day!! Another bright and early start for another all day drive and to Road Test Avon Anew Power Serum. This one to Niagara Falls and back. (I could hardly sleep I was so excited to go!)

Started my morning as usual with washing my face, then following with Anew Power Serum, then my moisturizer.

On the road, it started ot very chilly then gradually warmed. My face felt the gambit today, from chilly wind to being soaked with the spray from the falls on the Maid of the Mist, then the glare of the sun on the return trip. Total time in the elements was twelve hours. But incredibly worth it. Not only did I see something incredible, I was able to do all of this without worrying that my skin would feel cracked and dry.

I am a little sunburned because I forgot to put on extra sunscreen in my excitement to see the falls. But even after sunburn, it doesn’t feel dry.  Another WIN for Avon Anew Power Serum! I really love this stuff!

Tomorrow is another all day ride taking in all the covered bridges in the area.  Meanwhile, dream of Niagara Falls…

G’night!  Kathy



Avon Anew Power Serum Road Test – Day Two

Today was an amazing day! Day Two of the Anew Power Serum Road Test. During rallys the days start very early. Another 5AM start, run the routine using the Power Serum, following with my favorite moisturizer (Anew Reversalift Day – with SPF 25) and then on we go. Under the helmet I don’t wear makeup because it just gets messed up. (Unless we’re all meeting for dinner…)

Day Two and I’m noticing things… my lines are less obvious. The sun damage on the left side of my forhead that is normally covered with my hair is looking less damaged. The two large lines on my bridge are beginning to lessen. I’m particularly happy about these! I’ve seen them seemingly carving my face especially when I’m in pain (which has been chronic for 3 years). I’m still in pain but its not showing so much on my face, so I look less like some tragic figure!!

Today, at the opening ceremonies of the HOG Rally, I was asked by another woman what I’ve been using and she said my face looked amazing! (This probably hasn’t happened in over 10 years, except by my hubby and well… he’s biased. 🙂

I know its only Day Two, but as far as I’m concerned, Anew Power Serum works!   Grab yours today while the introductory price is still $29.99  Love this stuff! 

Tomorrow we are driving (Yes, starting very early) to Niagara Falls – So exciting, can’t wait for pictures!


Avon Anew Power Serum – Road Test: Day One

Road Test: Day One: Our day started at 5am this morning. I followed my normal routine except added the Power Serum before my moisturizer. We hit the road with our motorcycle ‘gang’ headed for Erie, PA for the annual PA State HOG Ralley (HOG = Harley Owner’s Group). During the ride we hit all kinds of weather, windy, some rain, beautiful sun, and very chilly.

I am VERY impressed with the Power Serum so far! Based on past experience,  by the end of the drive (which was 5PM today) my skin would normally be dry, and tight, and uncomfortable.

I kept touching my skin today with such pleasure, it felt smooth, soft and silky… Amazing for one with chronically dry skin!

Day One and LOVING IT!!

I’m telling you as a user of this miricle serum, RUN, don’t walk and get yours today while the introductory price of $29.00 is still in effect.

I will post pictures of the drive as soon as I take them off my camera.

Cold & rainy part of our drive!

Cold & rainy part of our drive!